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The Most Advanced Home Inspection in the World!

Many home inspection companies promise a thorough and objective inspection. What makes HomeSafe different? One word: technology.

Buying a home is an extraordinary investment. So why would you want merely an ordinary inspection? HomeSafe goes far beyond the ordinary, utilizing cutting-edge technologies — including Infrared Scanning, Acoustic (Listening) Sensors (patent pending) and Pattern Recognition Software (patent pending) — that enable our inspectors to SEE and HEAR through the walls, floors and ceilings of the property.

In addition to a thorough visual inspection, HomeSafe’s infrared scan often will uncover “hidden” signs of damage and potential problems that might otherwise go undetected in an “ordinary” inspection. And our acoustic scan and specialized software can actually hear termites in the property’s walls and pinpoint their exact location for treatment.

It’s the most advanced home inspection available anywhere in the world —and only HomeSafe Inspection has it!

Click here to locate a HomeSafe inspector in your area or call HomeSafe Inspection TODAY at (205) 769-9995.

P.O. Box 1266
Pelham, AL 35124

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